About Madd Almasane

About Madd Almasane

Providing tailored procurement solutions for the oil & gas

Madd Almasane specializes in offering customized procurement solutions for the oil and gas as well as petrochemical industries.

Madd Almasane excels in pre-inspection services, offering a comprehensive approach to meet diverse client needs. Our dedicated focus on cost reduction ensures efficient procurement processes, providing clients with competitive market prices for materials and services. With privileged access to approved vendors for SABIC and ARAMCO, we guarantee the highest standards of quality and compliance. Moreover, we provide reliable alternative solutions to enhance flexibility in sourcing. To ensure the quality of materials, we employ industry-trusted third-party inspectors (TPI) who conduct thorough inspections, reinforcing our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of procurement.

We prioritize transparency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, assisting our clients in procuring materials, equipment, and services for their operations.

Our seasoned team, supported by global offices, possesses expertise in strategic planning, forecasting, best practices, supplier negotiations, collaborations, and material inspections.

Committed to delivering high-quality products punctually and within budget, Madd Almasane aids clients in optimizing their procurement processes.

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Planned Sourcing

We carefully choose manufacturers and dealers that provide competitive pricing while maintaining high-quality standards, ensuring cost-effective solutions.

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Right Mode of Transport

We assess your needs and suggest the optimal transportation mode, taking into account factors such as cost, transit time, and safety, ensuring efficient and cost-effective delivery.

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Strategic Shipping

Our seasoned logistics team enhances shipping processes to minimize costs while ensuring the punctual delivery of your boiler tubes and pipes.

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On-Site Inspection

Our inspectors, approved by SABIC/ARAMCO, carry out comprehensive on-site material inspections to verify quality and specifications. This meticulous process helps prevent costly rejections or project delays.

Vision Statement

We aspire to become the fastest and most efficient global procurement service provider. Every day, we strive to overcome challenges and make global procurement easy and cost-effective for our clients.

Mission Statement

  • To pay close attention to minor details and find ways to minimize procurement hassles.
  • To offer fast and flexible solutions to our clients.
  • To implement best practices with professionalism and integrated values such as transparency, responsibility, respect, and honesty.

Why Choose
Madd AlMasane

Numerous businesses and companies, in their pursuit of maintaining and reducing maintenance costs without compromising resources or quality, have turned to the global market. However, due to the substantial surge in global procurement, identifying a service provider proficient in both procurement and maintenance has become a challenging endeavor.

  • Global sourcing channels
  • Technical Know How
  • Transparency
  • Ethical code of conduct
  • Quality services
Benefits of Choosing Us
  • Exclusive access to endorsed vendors for SABIC and ARAMCO.
  • Competitive rates without any compromise on quality.
  • Materials undergo inspection by a trusted industry Third-Party Inspector (TPI).
  • Assurance of meeting and adhering to required standards.
Our Commitment to Quality and Value
  • Our Dedication to Excellence and Affordability
  • We specialize in supplying through OEMs as approved vendors for SABIC and ARAMCO, guaranteeing the provision of the finest materials at competitive rates.
  • Our steadfast commitment ensures that we never compromise on the quality of materials.
Quality Assurance Process
  • Thorough inspection of materials before dispatch.
  • Utilization of Intertek as our approved Third-Party Inspector (TPI) by ARAMCO and SABIC.
  • Guaranteeing adherence to required standards and specifications.
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